At Executive Marine, our Yacht Management services are tailored to suit the owner’s particular requirements and designed to be a through-life support to our clients. We provide all of the necessary information you and your crew may need to make tactical decisions, ensuring your experience through yacht ownership remains enjoyable. With an extensive background in yachting throughout international waters, our management service carries the burden of this complex task to ensure that yacht ownership remains a pleasure for our clients. We manage potential headaches and hassles that owning a luxury yacht may bring; ensuring safety, crew, maintenance, insurance, audits, class, flag regulation and compliance are taken care of behind the scenes on a daily basis.

Not only do we provide hands-on management but we’re also able to provide many essential support services. Running a yacht is like running a business: we provide all the information that you and your crew need in order to make strategic decisions. Our services include: full crew placement and management, assistance with registration and flag state issues, yacht transport and importation, budgeting, accounting and cost control.

We act as representatives on behalf of your vessel and pride ourselves on being transparent and accessible.


When operating in the marine environment, there are compliance requirements you must meet to operate safely, which is why we offer world class commercial vessel management. Our service offering includes compliance checks, safety requirements, regular vessel surveys, permits and certificates of operation. At Executive Marine, we can assist with the overall management of your commercial vessel across all industries from marine charters to tugboats and offshore vessels.

We work on your behalf, to provide and maintain the vessel so that it’s not only practical but also safe to operate in a commercial capacity. Working as your management representative, we implement and maintain a safety management system that ensures that the vessel and the operations of the vessel are, so far as reasonably practicable. For more information on commercial vessel management, speak to one of our experienced consultants about your specific needs.


Western Australia is fast becoming a superyacht construction hotspot, which is why Executive Marine prides itself on being a hub for innovation, quality and technology. We have access to a global database of some of the world’s best designers, naval architects and expertise, ensuring your project is in the best hands from design to delivery. We act as your overall consultant through the design process, liaising with naval architects to design a boat that best meets the requirements of the you, the client.

Being Project Managers with decades of experience working on a wide range of projects, has allowed us to stay abreast of innovative changes and compliance standards within our industry. Combining this knowledge and experience with our client’s needs enables us to deliver a project that satisfies our client’s desired outcomes, and our mission is to meet the needs of our clients by working with them directly and delivering high quality projects on time and on budget. We represent you, your brand and reputation and will be at the helm of your entire project from concept to completion.

In Service Support Management

In-Service Support (ISS) is crucial to the availability and reliability of vessels equipment as well as the minimisation of overall ownership cost. ISS contracts are normally signed for long periods corresponding to the service-life expectancy of equipment.

Executive Marine are able to manage services including coordination and management of maintenance and corrective services. We can provide quality management including inspections and reporting in accordance with internal management practices